Let's talk concrete

By 11:11

The way to achive an industrial or I might say a minimalist look in interior design is to use industrial materials/ minimal and simple textures. 
Concrete is an obvious choice for me when it comes to large but also simple spaces. 

Concrete is now used in different and unexpected ways and it seems like everything can be made fron this material: especially lighting objects, furniture and even decorations. 
For me, a part of a wall made from concrete is a statement piece, also I love to see detailing of a concrete object mixed with wood and even with black iron. 

Kitchen furniture and bathtubs are looking very industrial chic in a minimalistic concrete finish. It is for sure a material I would love to have in my home. 

I had a lot of fun shooting these photos in front of a concrete wall, also I had a very natural look with an outfit to match the gorgeous wall. 

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Instagram: @andreeabotta
Photographer: Paul Toma 

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