A Letter to My Younger Self

By 06:35

-To the curious little girl with an amazing potential, wild dreams and a big heart- 

   Oh...pretty girl. I have so many things to tell you.Some of them might shock you and some of them you might be loving. 
   You don't even realize how much power and potential lies there into you! How much beauty and creativity you must bring onto the surface or how madly you will fall in love not only with people but moments and those moments you will hold onto forever, even when the persons you were in love with will be long gone. 
   Have faith everything is going to work out for its best. You will do what you've always wanted to do, you will be a creator in a constant change and improvement.You will never stop the learning process. You will feel the most creatively awake at 23 and from that only to higher points. After starting the school you were dreaming to get into in the city far away from home you will feel you are one step closer to your goal, having your whole family by your side for the first time in...forever and a close person that supports you in your hardest decisions so far and helps you trough your creative process. You will lose some friends and gain others-this time you meet people who become part of your family.
    You will live in a bubble of joy with your friends and family, involved in a new relationship, you will have the time of your life and you will travel alone to amazing places just to discover yourself.This time you will have your heart broken as it probably never was before mostly because of the bad decisions you'll make trying to learn and some just by plain curiosity. But trust me, you will learn, that might be the point where a change is produced. You now know. You will know better next time.Cry your heart out and party all the sadness away. 
    When the bubble of joy breaks you will find yourself with a half of what it used to be your family, half of your friends but so much more power and determination.That will be your breaking point; by this time you only have your mother by your side who is more confident and stronger than she ever was and a sweet loving man who you'll be so grateful for. You will than know it is everything you need to start over. You start to be aware of your potential and the things your mind can think of; the ideas will start flowing into your brain and your hands will need to constantly create. Your energy will be outrageous and your passion will be limitless.
    You will expand your interests and your curiosity won't stop the research. You will understand you have to be more and to have less. 
     Your body will change, it will be cleaner inside out and your face will be well-rested and healthier. You will also find a cure for your allergies, I am sure you would love to hear this. 
     You will find the love of your life in the most unexpected way at a perfect timing. He will be everything you wished for and a little more. This time you won't be making any of the past mistakes. All the relationships you've had,the love and the suffering- they led you to the person you are now. 
     Your mother is still your best friend and she will always be. Also, you will have a baby puppy -Jacques- the most adorable furry creature on the face of the Earth.
     You will get wiser as you go, so don't worry, dear girl, take each day at a time, live simply and enjoy the roller coaster of emotions you are given to feel. I promise you at the end of the day, you will sip a glass of rose and write on your desk while the man you love is sleeping in the other room and I swear,you will feel this from the bottom of your heart- everything is going to be alright. Never doubt your power, you are beautiful inside out. 


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