The Blushed Nudes

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 My kind of winter glow includes shades of pinks, sparkle, nude colors and so much happiness.
A beautiful natural make-up and a soft pink velvet outfit can make it feel a lot like holiday. Everytime I arrive home I get so relaxed and cozy mostly in my attic bedroom decorated in a minimalistic way. I find rose gold being the most ellegant and flattering color for a winter holiday- it is like a warm yet wintery choice.

The exterior glow is so easy to achive but how do we get that natural effortless glow that comes from the inside?

1. Sleep- a lot. It is a holiday so make sure you sleep 8 hours per night if you don't want puffy eyes and dark circles.

2.Hydrate- dry skin is a strong indicator of dehydration. Drink water before you feel like you need it.

3.Protect- Sun screen is an essential in the winter also. It is needed 365 days a year.

4. Green - veggies and fruits. This time of year we crave all the rich foods but don't miss out on your vitamins. 

5.Apreciate. Yourself and all your power. Apreciate the people around you and be thankful for everything. That's the way to glow. 

For my natural day make-up I used my favorite eye shadow pallete from Maybeline- The Blused Nudes. It comes in a beautiful rose gold pakage and it has
an amazing pigment.

For the Christmas party, I picked up the Rock Nudes also from Maybeline, a great eye shadow pallete for evening events. Darker and more sparkly shades from pink to gold and blues.

                     I hope you are having an amazing cozy winter holiday! 
 Love and hugs! 

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